One way to make a point is through SATIRE.  Satire is the use of irony or sarcasm to reveal the truth in an unconventional and most times shocking way.  The funny thing is that many newspapers have a section only on satire articles that speak about current social issues with irony and sarcasm.  

I found this really funny article in The Huffington Post about feminism titled "How Feminism Hurts Men".  The author of the article Micah J. Murray begins by saying that a friend of his on facebook told him that "feminism elevates women at the expense of men...".  He later continues to do a reflection on what his friend just told him and thinks that his friend is right.  In a sarcastic way, Murray goes on to say that because of feminism men are experiencing all sorts of problems such as not being able to walk down the streets without fear of being harassed or sexually assaulted by a woman, women being paid more than men in jobs, and churches are dominated by women while men are asked to keep quiet in the back, and other hilarious sarcastic comments about how the female is the most powerful sex who overpower the male.  The end paragraph actually urges the reader (by saying "don't read) to read a book titled "Jesus Feminist" about how women are equal to men.  

This satire makes a funny argument against people who are against feminist believes.  It makes the reader imagine how the role of a man would change if the tables were turned and females overpowered men.  It makes it evident that The example the author uses are things that happen not to men, but to females today everywhere.  It makes the man walk in the shoes of a female.  I personally liked very much the article and found that it was a creative way to talk about feminism. 
Out of the four editorials I read, the one that I liked the most was "Sentenced to a Slow Death".  This piece revealed to me information that I was not aware of.  It used numbers and figures to astonish the reader (me) and it made the reader empathetic.  

"Sentenced to a Slow Death" is an editorial piece from The New York Times about the high number of people who are sentenced to prison for life in the United States for non-violent crimes.  These non-violent crimes include selling marijuana, using party drugs, stealing gas from a truck.  A report shows that since 2012 there are approximately 3,300 people serving sentences of life without parole for such crimes.  And apparently the numbers are even higher since these numbers shown do not include other non-violent crimes that are legally classified as "violent" such as trying to steal an unoccupied car.  The editorial states that many laws in the United States are too strict for the crime and therefore are placing too many people in jail for too long.  The same report mentions that the cost for imprisoning just the 3,300 people for life is $1.78 billion!  It also states that the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world!  

One part I liked a lot from the editorial was a quote that the warden of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Even Burl Cain, said: "Everybody forgets what correction means.  It means to correct deviant behavior.  If this person can go back and be a productive citizen and not commit crimes again, why spend the money to keep him in prison? I need to keep predators in these big old prisons, not dying old men."  

"Sentenced to a Slow Death" has an eye catching title that makes the reader want to know what it is about.  It is also well written and uses easy to interpret vocabulary that makes it accessible for all.  The writer is well informed on the subject, and demonstrates that he/she is passionate about the topic an

I am not a person that gets pissed off easily.  I try to take things lightly so that they don't ruin my day or my mood, but there are a couple of things that I just can not deal with!  Here is a list of my pet peeves under "Personal".  Those little things that get me mad but that don't hurt any body.  Under "Social is a list of the things that piss me off and that, in my opinion, the world would be much better without.  

  • People who talk about others just to create "chismes". 
  • Animal cruelty.
  • Most Reggaetton songs!! 
  • Lack of respect to others.
  •  People calling strangers "mami", "mi-amol", "corazón", or the worst one "chula". 
  • People who misspell "hay, ay, ahí". 
  • Ignorance. 
  • People who drink and drive. 
  • Consumerism. 
  • Road Rage. 
  • Facebook and Twitter fights. 
  • Backstabbers.
  • Unwanted and unwelcomed advice! 
  • When the internet server in my house does not want to work the exact moment I need to do a college assignment.  
  • Going to the movie theater with my bf and getting a fixed chair arm.
  • Spending an hour and a half straightening my hair just to go outside and instantaneously ruin it with the humidity.
  • Washing the dishes.
  • People who publish their whole day on Facebook.

  • Traffic.
  • A car without air conditioner.
  • Cockroaches!!!! 
  • Morning breath.
  • Zits.
  • "Como que.... como que... como que..."
  • Selfies on instagram. 
  • Having a small face and not being able to find any sunglasses that look good on it. 
Since I was a little girl, Disney surrounded me.  I had all of the Disney movies in VHS at my grandparent's home, I loved going to the original Disney store at Plaza las Américas (the one that had the big mountain of plush toys), and I celebrated my Quinceañero with my family and my then best friend at Disney World.  I was also addicted to Disney Channel, watching all of its "Original Movies" and series.  During high school a colleague even named me "The Disney Girl". The point is Disney has defined my childhood and the childhood of many like myself.  So after watching the documentary "Mickey Mouse Monopoly" I questioned myself what were the original intentions of Walt Disney?  Were they to bring happiness to children or were they solely to capitalize? 

There were things that the documentary mentioned that i did know, such as how Disney teaches little children their gender roles such as how to act like a girl and how to act like a boy.  However, what i had never realized was the racial roles Disney sets.  This came to me as a shock because children since they are months old, are learning and absorbing everything around them.  So when they watch a Disney film they are unconsciously learning the stereotypes that come with each race.  These stereotypes become encrypted in the minds of little ones and then its hard to teach them other wise.  The documentary portrayed various examples when talking about the Disney characters that are used as racial stereotypes such as the representation of Hispanics as chiwawas that steel cars,  African Americans as gorillas that do the jive and articulate poorly, and Asians as Siamese cats with buck teeth

.This was what mostly impacted me from the documentary because I thought that we lived in a modern world where children are taught not to discriminate or judge other because of the color of their skin or where they are from.  I cannot deny that Disney's cartoons are fun and entertaining, but the creators of such cartoons should be careful with what they make for children.      
Amor y Control 
by Rubén Blades
Amor y Control is a salsa song written by Rubén Blades.  I picked this song as the best one because I like its lyrics a lot.  They are written in a story-telling form.  Rubén starts saying that while he was leaving the hospital from visiting his sick mother who is dying of cancer he sees this family arguing with their son.  Apparently their son is stealing and using drugs, but the father says that even if he is doing all those bad things it is his responsibility as his father to look after him and to help him get better.   Rubén later compares the tragedy of this family to the tragedy of his sick mother with cancer. 

This song has a positive theme to it which is the main reason I picked it as my best song. I did not want to pick one that had a negative theme to it because songs are very powerful since they speak to our emotions. Amor y Control teaches everyone the patience families need to have in order to prosper and have a healthy relationship.  Its rythim is very mellow with the normal salsa rythiime so it is also a nice and easy song to dance to (for those salsa begginners).   
Pinguinos en la Cama 
by Ricardo Arjona
In my opinion there are many bad songs, so it was really hard to pick just one.  But, after thinking about those really annoying songs that came up every time I turned on the radio (Gangnam Style and Friday to name a couple) I remembered one that actually defined the opinion I have now of the artist.  This song is "Pinguinos en la Cama" by Ricardo Arjona.  Without me knowing any other songs from the artist, after listening to this song on the radio I immediately  labeled him as the worst song-writer of all times! 
In my opinion he uses too many metaphors, the worst one being "pinguinos en la cama".  I get it, its not hard to get.  He sings there are penguins in the bed because their relationship has gotten cold, they stopped being intimate, they don't share the love anymore; but this metaphor is too lame.  The rest of the song is him (Ricardo Arjona) singing about how bad their relationship is, how there is no trust because she is always acting like the "police", questioning him and what not.  So to conclude, songs must have a catchy chorus and an interesting song title and "Pinguinos en la Cama" is definitively neither!   
Positive Words
  1. Safe
  2. Concerned 
  3. Protective
  4. Understand 
  5. Help others
  6. Experience
  7. Have grown 
  8. Enjoy
  9. Friends
  10. Compassionate
  11. Caring 
  12. Change
  13. Life
  14. Family
  15. Appreciate 
  16. Best self

Neutral Words
  1. Time
  2. Hobby
  3. Crafts 
  4. Reading
  5. Sports
  6. Dance

Negative Words 
  1. Disappoint 
  2. Problems
  3. Rebellious
  4. Stress
  5. Anxiety
  6. Unable
  7. Not allowed to
  8. Can't 
  9. Hurt
  10. Difficult
  11. Worry
  12. Never
  13. Bored
  14. ADD
  15. Shyness
  16. Lack of confidence 
  17. Careful
  18. Too much 
I never thought of my self as a negative person, actually I always say I see the glass half full, but this exercise has let me understand that I can be a bit hard on myself sometimes.  The column that has the most words is the "Negative Words" column, however it is only by 2 more words.  Most of the words in this column are words that represent prohibition such as can not, unable, never.  

This exercise has let me understand that I cannot continue to live my life using these words.  There is a quote that I once hear in a movie that says: "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game".  It uses the game of baseball and compares it to the game that is life.  In other words, you can't be afraid of failure because this will keep you from success.  These words that represent prohibition are very damaging to one's outlook of life and can harm a persons confidence.  For this reason, I will have as a goal to use less and less of these words, and instead more positive, loving, and reassuring words. 

Say yes.

For this assignment we needed to pick 2 movie reviews out of 5 that were provided and in a way "study" them.  I chose the review for "Sunny With a Chance of Meatballs 2" and "Runner Runner".

The review for "Sunny With a Chance of Meatballs 2" was published in The Boston Globe and was written by Tom Russo.  I will begin by the title.  I found the title to be very interesting:  "Meatballs 2 is colorful, if reheated".  It is a very eye-catching and smart title that makes reference to possibly the lack of originality of the sequel.  Personally, I have not watched this movie but did watch the first one, and to my surprise, liked it very much.  However, after reading this review, the enthusiasm I had to watch the sequel was no longer as abundant since the writer made it seem as though the movie is good, but not as good as the first.  Russo explains that much of the creativity was used up in the first movie.  The author did a good job in explaining the plot of the movie without giving out any spoilers.  

The movie review for "Runner, Runner" is definitely a negative one.  The review says that it is a boring film that brings nothing new nor original to a theme that has been used a lot.  The author explains the plot without any detail by saying that it is a film about this young intelligent man that loses a lot of money in online gambling and goes to Costa Rica to try to get it back.  

What I like about this review is that the author uses humor to convey his point that the movie is not worth watching.  One quote that I like from the review that portrays this is:  "The film is so rote and transparent, you keep waiting for a big reveal or curve -- something, anything, that would explain Timberlake's and Affleck's presence here, other than the opportunity to spend several weeks in beautiful Puerto Rico (where the movie was filmed).  In addition, the author mentions something very important that the reader should take note on and that is that the movie even fails to explain its own title! "Runner, Runner".  The author explains that runner, runner, is actually a poker term, something that the movie should explain and not the movie critic.  After reading this movie review I would definitely not watch this movie.  Maybe only if there was nothing else to do and it was on in HBO or another channel for free.  

I haven't gone to the movies since about 3 months!, but the last movie I saw which was in July was definitely worth me writing a review on it.  This movie was Despicable Me 2.  Having loved the first one, I was more than eager to see its sequel, and it did not disappoint.

This time Despicable me 2 is in 3-D.  Now I have to say that for many movies watching a it in 3-D is just a waist of money, but not with this one.  Throughout the movie itself there is  nothing spectacular made in 3-D but in the end there is sort of short film starring only the minions and it left me in awe.  So I would say that just so that you don't miss out on that part, watch it in 3-D.  After all these minions have become Despicable Me's most famous actors.  In this sequel, Gru's minions are mysteriously disappearing one by one, and apparently no one is noticing this!  The yellow, rod-shaped, gibberish speaking minions that stole the hearts of millions in the first move come back with more costumes than ever.  Maid costumes, firefighter costumes, golf costumes and many more provide for many funny scenes.  These minions act so dumb to the point that you just have to laugh about the things they do.  

Well any ways enough minion talk.  The plot has sort of an action super hero theme to it, the only thing is that the super hero, in this movie, used to be a super villain (that's Gru).  Gru gets recruited by an anti-villain agency to put an end to a mysterious villain that has created a poison for transforming living things into mindless, destroying monsters.  Little does Gru know that this villain is using Gru's own minions as his experiment!     

The sequel has everything from romance between Gru and a special lady, Agnes' first love, evil purple, crazy-looking minions, a new villain that did not appear in the first movie, and 90's boy-band songs.  I highly recommend this movie for people of all ages who are looking for a good laugh.  I went to see it with my parents and my boyfriend and we were all literally LOL-ing (laughing out lout, that is).  I personally give it four stars think its a movie worth watching. 
I can not say that Prometheus is the worst movie of all times ( I personally haven't watched those many movies and for some reason forget about the bad ones I watched), but I can say that I the movie Prometheus left me disappointed.  Before watching the movie when I saw its trailers I was really intrigued with its plot:  humans going to outer space to ask their alien creators - why?  

So when I got to see the movie I was most of the time completely lost.  It had too many unanswered questions.  Although I do give the graphic and costume artists kudos since the scenes, space ship, and costumes were very good.  So as I said before, the crew goes to this planet in search of their creators to ask them why were humans created.  My only clear answer from this movie is why is the move named Prometheus.  Well that's the space ships name.  Any who, the planet has giant-killing worms, hidden caves, and what looks like giant humans that appear to be the creators of humans.  I am not here to spoil the ending but it appears that it is helpful to have previously watched the movie Alien before hand, something I did not do.  

I would not recommend for someone to see this movie in the cinema and waste your $8 on it.  However, if you find yourself bored or just want to see what it is about, wait until it is available in HBO or redbox.  In my opinion, when a movie need too much expert explanations, that's a sing that it is not a good movie.  A good movie should leave you with some questions but not too many. My review might be a bit bias as I cant be that harsh with this movie as it was what my bf and I went to see four our first date.  Talk about embarrassing when you don't understand any part of the movie!