AS some of you might be aware of, the online college magazine named Hercampus, publishes every Tuesday new articles about fashion, college events happening at the UPR, and advice.  Last Tuesday, an article named "A Collegiate's Classification of UPR Men had many people lmao-ing and sharing it on their facebook pages.  This article classified UPR men depending on the faculty they belonged to and the stereotypes of that faculty.  I personally found the article to be hilarious and clever since the author made up a species name to each of the faculty men such as "Homo jodido" for the men that belong to the Natural Sciences Faculty.
I found most of her classifications to be true, of course these are stereotypes that might describe the majority of the men at the faculties, so always keep in mind that not all of the men are going to be an exact replica of the stereotype.  As the author mentions there are the exceptions. Since I belong to the Naturales Faculty I was able to critic on this stereotype the best, and find that she nailed it.  The men from Naturales (that are in their final years) are ALWAYS talking about their MCAT exams and how much they are to study for it.  In fact there is a graph that can explain this much better (see picture below).    

This pie chart portrays exactly what UPR men from Naturales do.  They spend approximately 99% of their time complaining and telling people how much they have to study but when it comes down to the truth they spend only 1% of their time studying.  As for the women from Naturales, yes including me, its prety much the same.  Yes I have to admit it, Even though we spend a lot of time studying, most of the time we spent talking about how much we have to study.  Not very helpful I must admit.  

As I said I found the article to be very funny.  Nevertheless, I would have added one more faculty, even though this one is a graduate school it is still inside the UPR: this is UPR's Law School.  The men from "Leyes" are tall, dark, and handsome; and they are always dressed well, and clean cut.  You will NEVER find one hanging around the Upi since they consider themselves too mature and have outgrown that phase.  This will be named "Homo abogado" and are only spotted either studying quietly at the "leyes library" or having a quick bite at their cafeteria in order to go back to studying at the library.  

If I were to describe the girls from Leyes, they would definitely be classified under "Homo fashionista".  They are never ever seen with flat sandals as they are always towering over others on their Novous platform shoes.  They carry a big designer purse on their arm filled with 1 pound of make up.  They are also seen studying long hours at the leyes library and at the cafeteria interacting with "Homo abogado". 

Over all, "A Collegiate's Classification of UPR Men" is an article that I recommend for both women AND men.  It is very clever and although I find the article is missing a conclusion, the author did a great job of writing an article that is captivating from begging to end. All the reader has to do is to take the article as a joke and not take it so personally.  The author is using stereotypes in a no-harm-meant, funny way. 

Selena Marie
9/12/2013 13:22:07

First of all LOVED the picture you used. I laughed so much.

About the writing I think you did a very good review and liked the addition of the Law faculty. Sadly I must agree as a Naturales person that the pie chart is true. When I was studying for the famous MCAT I spent much more time complaining than actually studying.

Nice post!

9/13/2013 15:56:08

Love the pie chart! But I think, it applies to more people than just the ones from Naturales. Lots of us put the "pro" in procrastinator.
I like the addition of the Leyes faculty; it adds more variety to the whole spectrum of the UPR. I also liked how the post seems to flow seamlessly.

Estefania Jordan
9/16/2013 23:36:11

Now I think the leyes faculty is missing from the UPR Classification of men! It is a great addition and I had completely overlooked it.

Both pictures in this post were hilarious

Jesse ^_^
9/17/2013 01:48:44

I think you made a really good job while writing your opinion.

9/17/2013 02:06:11

Love your essay and the chart, great writing style :D

Angelica Perez
9/17/2013 03:03:55

I like it sometimes apply to me too!


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