Amor y Control 
by Rubén Blades
Amor y Control is a salsa song written by Rubén Blades.  I picked this song as the best one because I like its lyrics a lot.  They are written in a story-telling form.  Rubén starts saying that while he was leaving the hospital from visiting his sick mother who is dying of cancer he sees this family arguing with their son.  Apparently their son is stealing and using drugs, but the father says that even if he is doing all those bad things it is his responsibility as his father to look after him and to help him get better.   Rubén later compares the tragedy of this family to the tragedy of his sick mother with cancer. 

This song has a positive theme to it which is the main reason I picked it as my best song. I did not want to pick one that had a negative theme to it because songs are very powerful since they speak to our emotions. Amor y Control teaches everyone the patience families need to have in order to prosper and have a healthy relationship.  Its rythim is very mellow with the normal salsa rythiime so it is also a nice and easy song to dance to (for those salsa begginners).   
Pinguinos en la Cama 
by Ricardo Arjona
In my opinion there are many bad songs, so it was really hard to pick just one.  But, after thinking about those really annoying songs that came up every time I turned on the radio (Gangnam Style and Friday to name a couple) I remembered one that actually defined the opinion I have now of the artist.  This song is "Pinguinos en la Cama" by Ricardo Arjona.  Without me knowing any other songs from the artist, after listening to this song on the radio I immediately  labeled him as the worst song-writer of all times! 
In my opinion he uses too many metaphors, the worst one being "pinguinos en la cama".  I get it, its not hard to get.  He sings there are penguins in the bed because their relationship has gotten cold, they stopped being intimate, they don't share the love anymore; but this metaphor is too lame.  The rest of the song is him (Ricardo Arjona) singing about how bad their relationship is, how there is no trust because she is always acting like the "police", questioning him and what not.  So to conclude, songs must have a catchy chorus and an interesting song title and "Pinguinos en la Cama" is definitively neither!   

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