This organization came to mind when a friend of mine emailed me an article relating to a common practice done in some countries in Africa commonly known as female circumcision.  What quickly grabbed my attention was the word circumcision, a word that is not typically used with "female" in the same sentences  "Circumcision" is a word commonly used when referring to the removal of the male foreskin from his genitals.  An optional and medically accepted procedure that does not harm the the health of the male.  On the other hand, female circumcision or "female genital mutilation" (FGM), is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons.  This practice is one that raises health issues, violates human rights, and is most of the time done with lack of informed consent.  Some health consequences caused by FGM include recurrent urinary and vaginal infections, infertility, and chronic pain.       

This procedure is done following the belief that it will make a woman PURE.  I understand that this practice is one that seems unorthodox to western society and follows beliefs and traditions that maybe we will never be able to understand.  However, even though we must respect the beliefs and practices of others, women's rights, especially young girl's rights should be implemented.  This organization aims to educate young girls around the age of puberty about female circumcision and its side effects.  The My Body is a Temple Organization also has a hotline that helps young girls that feel pressured and forced to undergo this procedure.              

Ashley Rodríguez
9/10/2013 09:03:10

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Selena Marie
9/12/2013 09:25:25

I liked the simplicity of your post it was very concise and to the point with a proposition of a real solution. I liked that it is not a "we are going to arrest all people that do this and save every girl in the world" type of thing but education and respect for cultural differences. Good structure as well and there were no grammatical errors that I could notice that would make it hard to read.


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