So for this focusing exercise Professor Sanjurjo asked us to write about a first time or a first experience in our lives.  Many of my firsts I could not remember, such as my first time waking and other of my firsts were just too embarrassing to talk about in my blog (e.g. my first kiss).  After a couple of minutes thinking, a light bulb just turned on in my head.  What better experience to write about other than my first day with my first puppy!        

So for most of my life I have always wanted a puppy of my own to take care of and to play with, but my parents thought it was too great of a responsibility.  After years of begging, for my 16th birthday I fell in love with the dog food commercials from Ceasar and asked for a West Highland White Terrier.  Finally my parents agreed to letting me have one!  So my mom, dad and I went all the way in mom's car to the Barceloneta Outles and met up with the breeders there.  It was a sunny day and the Outlets were as colorful as ever.  We met with the breeders on the road besides the outlets, under a bridge that is created by another road on top.  There the breeder opened the trunk of the car and showed us two westie puppies that were very small, really white, and both girls, in fact they were sisters.  We ended up choosing the smallest one and took her with us home.  

The newest addition to the family had thick, medium lengthed, white fur and really big ears (too big for her small body).  She smelled clean and her fur was soft to the touch,.   

During the car ride home I could sense that she was impatient and nervous, being taken away from her sister by strangers (us) could not have been easy.  On our way home we called my brother Carlos to brainstorm about her name.  Then he remembered that a week before we had gone as a family to see Disney's Wal-e.  In the move Wal-e falls in love with a small, white robot named Eva, but he could never pronounce her name correctly and said Iva.  So that's what we named her Iva.  

Later that night it was time for Iva's bed time, so I placed her in her own dog bed but she didn't seem to like it and preferred the floor.  She kept making this wining noise that worried me.  It was as though she was crying for being in an unfamiliar place.  Being my first puppy ever I had no idea what to do or how to make her go to sleep!  That's when after two hours of trying to get her to sleep tears began to run down my face.  It seems silly to me now recalling the story but I felt desperate.  I thought it was much more easier taking care of a puppy, but reality checked in.     

Having my first puppy was more difficult than expected, but the reward was worth it.  I would now feel incomplete without Iva in my life and could not imagine my life right now without her. 

Jesse ^_^
10/24/2013 02:41:02 am

Great post!!

Frances Adorno
10/27/2013 07:21:36 am

Loved you're story!!! Nice writing

10/27/2013 12:39:33 pm

Great post! I liked the way you described how you felt. (Btw, puppies are the best!)

Selena Marie
10/27/2013 01:24:34 pm

Very honest post. I could tell the emotion through your writing and that is always a plus as a reader. I love how you chose the name for the puppy and think its very appropriate. The post was complete and very nice. I'm starting to really like your writings.

10/28/2013 04:18:03 pm

Awesome post!! Also the picture of your puppy is so incredibly cute!! love it! I really enjoyed the way you describe your emotions through the post!

10/29/2013 01:20:10 pm

Very nice post! you described very well this event on your life. Btw, your puppy is so beautiful! :)


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