Te dejo Madrid (2012)

"Te dejo Madrid" is a fun filled movie that takes place in the iconic city of Madrid.  It is full of beautiful scenery, adventures in Spain, and heartwarming friendships.  

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Based on a true story, "Te dejo Madrid" comes to the big screen in an engaging comedy-drama. What ideas comes to mind when the phrase: "Summer in Spain" is said?  Well extreme heat, wild adventures, and lifetime memories are some.  And for Laura (Alexis Bledel), this and much more awaited her when she went all the way to Spain spend two weeks with her friends Alicia (Hannah Simone) and Donna (Jennifer Lopez).  However, Laura thought she was traveling to Spain to see its awe inspiring moment, its beautiful landscapes, meet new people, and go to the biggest night clubs with her friends; but little did she know that she was about to set sail on a journey toward self-development and self-discovery.  The first few days living in Spain were full of excitement, but when Laura starts to deal with money problems, unexpected sickness, and roommate troubles, she discovers living on your own is not as easy as it seems.  Songs that include Otto Knowns' "Million Voices", Sakira's Te dejo Madrid, and Train's "Drops of Jupiter" are just a few of the songs to the soundtrack that perfectly portray the film's plot. This is a must watch movie for the summer!    

PG-13, 1 hr. 58min. 
Drama, Comedy
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US Box Office: $88.5M


Ashley Rodriguez
09/12/2013 12:21pm

I love how you describe your movie and if that movie was to be published I will be the first one to see it. Awesome!!!! I admire your writing is so easy to read and fun. As the reader felt that I really went to Madrid with you and passed through your experiences. In real life this really happened to you?? I have many friends that ask me if I want to go with them to live in another place for an academic semester and I always say I don't know because it is not that I don't want to but I feel that maybe after we come back we are not going to be friends anymore. I think it would be hard to live with someone that is raised in a different context and doesn't have your same way of leaving.


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