Music is a very powerful tool that is able to change our moods and mark periods in our life.  This blog post will be dedicated to the songs that define moments in my life and that portray my feelings perfectly when words could not express them.  Hope you enjoy it!  

1.  Villancico Yaucano
I start my soundtrack with "Villancico Yaucano", a Puerto Rican Christmas song that my dad turned into a lullaby and sang it to me every night when I was little. He even got me a sing a long book for it that I still have. 

2.  The Perfect Fan - Backstreet Boys
So I grew up in the 90's when all of these boy bands started emerging.  My all time favorite were the Backstreet Boys.  I LOVED all of there songs so it was very difficult picking just one.  I ended up choosing "The Perfect Fan" because it describes beautifully how I feel towards my mom and all of the things she does for me.  -"You are* always there for me, pushing me and guiding me always to succeed".   

3.  Wannabe - Spice Girls 
The Spice Girls were the only girl group that really made it to the top in this boy band era,   I used to listen to their songs and watch their movie with my friends.  We would always end up fighting over who got to be who.  

4.  Aserejé - Las Ketchups
This song was what my friends and I were all singing and dancing to when we were in 6th grade.  The lyrics: "Aserejéja de jé de jebe tu de jebere seibiunova, majavi an de bugui an de buididipi" still don't make sense to me, but were definitely catchy and fun.   

5.  Cooler Than Me -  Mike Posner
While transitioning from elementary to my years of junior high and high school I always felt very awkward.  In junior high I had braces and puberty kicked in giving me a face full of acne and my used to be straight hair started acting rebellious, so there was never a good hair day for me.  Plus I had glasses shaped just like Harry Potter's.  So basically this song describes my years from 7th to 12th grade.  I felt that EVERYONE was "Cooler Than Me". 

6.  Agua - Jarabe de Palo
"Cuando uno tiene sed, pero el agua no está cerca.  Cuando uno quiere beber, pero el agua no está cerca".  The lyrics to this song cannot describe more perfect my past unrequited loves or crushes (if you prefer a less dramatic term) during my most of my life..  I think many of us can relate to "Agua" when we fall in love with our best friends.  

7.  The Climb - Miley Cyrus
"Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side.  It's the climb"- I used to listen to this song a lot back in May 2010 when I had to undergo surgery to remove a couple of ovarian cysts I had.  The recovery was a painful and long process ( the 6 weeks felt never ending!).  However, this song reminded me that that process I was going through was just one of those mountains that gets in your way and what mattered most was that way I looked at it.  I had to look at it with a positive attitude.   

8.  Me Quiero Enamorar - Jesse & Joy 
"Cuanto tiempo tardará?, O no es para todos, por qué de mi se esconderá? Dónde está? - Even though this song is new, it describes perfectly how I felt all the way through high school and during my first years of college.  I was always eager and hopeful that love would come to me and year after year I was left disappointed and waiting.  It seemed as though love was hiding from me; playing a game of hide and seek and I was always lost. 

9.  Fur Elise (Piano) - Beethoven 
During Christmas 2011 both of my paternal grandparents passed away unexpectedly.  It was a very hard moment for me since I was very close to them.  The song Fur Elise reminds me of my Abuelito since he used to play it in his piano at night and even taught me how to play parts of it in the piano.  

10.  Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
In June 2012 I traveled with my family to visit my brother Carlos living in Boston. Since my dad is a huge Red Sox fan we went for the first time to one of their games at Fenway Park.  Sweet Caroline is the song that is traditionally played during the 8th inning of every Red Sox game played there. The energy and the happiness of everyone during this song is just incredible.

11.  Million Voices - Otto Knows
So that same summer in 2012 after traveling to Boston with my family, I traveled for the first time alone and to the other side of the world:  SPAIN.  I had a couple of friends that were living in Madrid for a semester and decided to visit them and see parts of the world I had never seen before.  "Million Voices" is the song that my friends and I had stuck in our head during the entire trip.  Its a party song that makes you feel good and we played it every night before going out.   The video I found is from VEVO so it can't be seen on weebly, just click on the "Watch on YouTube" link and you'll be able to see it.  

12.  Antología - Shakira

"Me enseñaste a decir mentiras piadosas 
para poder verte a horas no adecuadas 
y reemplazar palabras por miradas
y fue por ti que escribi mas de 100 canciones 
y hasta perdoné tus equivocaciones 
y conocí más de mil formas de besar 
y fue por ti que descubrí lo que es amar".    

So finally after years of waiting in my fourth year of college I met a decent guy who made me feel all of these things I had not felt before.  I discovered how it feels to love and to be loved, but also how in the midst of all its beauty how difficult relationships are to maintain. 

13.  Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield 
"I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined.  I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned".  The last song in my soundtrack is Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" because this is exactly how I have always felt about my life.  For me, every day is a new blank page waiting to be filled in with new and exciting life experiences.     

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