Focusing Excersie:  Describe an image in a magazine

A magazine from Palmas del Mar named Live and Life Magazine portrays an entire page with the image of a Sport Yacht.  The page has various images from different rooms inside the yacht.  The first image is of the outside of the boat.  It is a white, small, but elegant boat.  The biggest image is of its dining room.  It has a squared, wooden table that may fit four or five tightly.  On top of the dining table are some cream colored placemats with some white plates placed on top of them.  On the middle of the table there are some pink flowers that seem to be daisies.  On the right side of the table there is a cream colored booth decorated with four pillows that have either stripes or flower prints.  The celling is also cream colored with some built-in lighting and the floor is hard wood.  The cabinets are also made out of maple colored wood and have a sort of shine to them.   Behind the booth there is a wide window where we see what may be either a lake or an ocean and behind it a beautiful sunset.  The sky above is orange and makes the water seem a bit pink and purple colored. There are some mountains and trees under the sunset that make the scenery breathe taking.  The image makes you feel like you want to buy that boat, have it all to yourself and be able to relax and enjoy the aweing sunset.    

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