I haven't gone to the movies since about 3 months!, but the last movie I saw which was in July was definitely worth me writing a review on it.  This movie was Despicable Me 2.  Having loved the first one, I was more than eager to see its sequel, and it did not disappoint.

This time Despicable me 2 is in 3-D.  Now I have to say that for many movies watching a it in 3-D is just a waist of money, but not with this one.  Throughout the movie itself there is  nothing spectacular made in 3-D but in the end there is sort of short film starring only the minions and it left me in awe.  So I would say that just so that you don't miss out on that part, watch it in 3-D.  After all these minions have become Despicable Me's most famous actors.  In this sequel, Gru's minions are mysteriously disappearing one by one, and apparently no one is noticing this!  The yellow, rod-shaped, gibberish speaking minions that stole the hearts of millions in the first move come back with more costumes than ever.  Maid costumes, firefighter costumes, golf costumes and many more provide for many funny scenes.  These minions act so dumb to the point that you just have to laugh about the things they do.  

Well any ways enough minion talk.  The plot has sort of an action super hero theme to it, the only thing is that the super hero, in this movie, used to be a super villain (that's Gru).  Gru gets recruited by an anti-villain agency to put an end to a mysterious villain that has created a poison for transforming living things into mindless, destroying monsters.  Little does Gru know that this villain is using Gru's own minions as his experiment!     

The sequel has everything from romance between Gru and a special lady, Agnes' first love, evil purple, crazy-looking minions, a new villain that did not appear in the first movie, and 90's boy-band songs.  I highly recommend this movie for people of all ages who are looking for a good laugh.  I went to see it with my parents and my boyfriend and we were all literally LOL-ing (laughing out lout, that is).  I personally give it four stars think its a movie worth watching. 
Frances Adorno
10/27/2013 14:18:46

I haven't seen neither one of these movies, but with this description of the second part you made me feel like watching them.

10/27/2013 19:46:17

I loved this movie! It is definitely for people of all ages. I went with my cousins and my brother, and we had a great time. Good review!

Selena Marie
10/27/2013 20:27:36

Your review really seems like one of the ones we read. I didn't get a chance to watch this even if I was dying to see it and after reading this I definitely am going to. Good writing.

10/28/2013 23:14:50

I loved Despicable Me! I went to the movies two times just to see it!! Really good review :)

10/29/2013 03:12:53

I havent seen that movie yet, but your review made me download it. Thanks!

10/29/2013 20:15:16

I haven't watched either of this movies but your reviews were well written and very easy to read. :)


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